Free Time, But Not Enough Cash

If there’s anything more frustrating than not having enough cash, it’s not having enough cash and a lot of things you want to do and buy.

SO WHAT TO DO, get an extra job?

I am already employed by a nice company working as an engineer. The thing is, my day to day job is good enough so I can provide for my family bat the moment, but in these tough times, it seems that one is just going backwards all the time.

What am I going to do then?

As I have 2 young children and a beautiful wife, I am not very keen on sacrificing my family time to spend more time at work, so I decided I am going to find a way to create a online passive income. I’m going to search the internet far and wide to try to find ways to make money online!

And How am I to do that?

I have played around with websites and have been able to earn some money online. It was mainly affiliate marketing and Adsense. Then the Penguin and Panda came… My small online income quickly dried up. As my life was very busy at that time, I placed my online ventures mainly on hold, until now.

I am going to start fresh, keeping only 4 of my original websites and build on that. On this site I will share my adventures with you and let you know what works and what not.

My other 3 sites are mainly niche content sites, but we can look at them on a later stage.

I will start creating small online passive income sources, keep what works and building on that.

Is this going to work?

I am sure it can work. There are a lot of successful people making a living online and if they can, I am pretty convinced I can!

Surely I will not get rich overnight, or in a week or month, I’m not here to be unrealistic. I’m here to learn and build my online passive income, and from my previous online ventures I am convinced it is possible to make money online. Even to the extent where you can quite your day to day job and just live the Dot-Com lifestyle.

So, wish me luck! (And come back often to follow up on how things are going)