Get Easy Free Traffic Using Article Marketing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your website get free targeted traffic over the long term is through article marketing. You can write tens, hundreds or even thousands of articles on your desired niche and then submit these to article directories that will make them available for distribution.

Ezine publishers and website owners are constantly visiting Ezines and websites looking for fresh content to publish. If your articles are published were they are available to these people, they will be used by them in emails, newsletters and on their websites. The good news is that these publishers and website owners will leave your whole article intact and in its original state as you wrote it. This will give you a lot of active links back to your website. By doing this you are almost guaranteed to get a surge in traffic as the ezine publishers send your article to their subscribers and the webmasters publishing it on their websites.

Another big advantage is that the articles you publish will boost your ranking in the search engines. Every time your article is reprinted on a website, you will be getting another link back to your website. This will elevate your popularity status and thus improve your search engine ranking. This in turn will generate more natural traffic from search engines. The higher your rank, the more free traffic you will generate from search engines.

Ideally an article should be between 300 and 500 words, informative and easy to read. If your articles are made up of search engine fodder with uninformative content, and your website content junk, you will not be getting good search engine rankings. By write useful content and placing no more than two active links in your article you will help to get published by Ezines and websites much easier. People are looking for quality content to promote their websites, newsletters and Ezines.

The real trick to get the most out of this type of marketing is the scale on which you do it. Writing only one article and submitting it to only one article directory is not going to do much. Rarely will you article be viewed thousands of times. Start by producing at least ten articles which you submit to at least ten article directories. Do this every month and expand from there. You will see the results in your online business very soon and for a long time.

Once you started publishing your articles, you will notice big increases in the amount of traffic coming to your website. Best of all this traffic is free. Many of the large online businesses will produce hundreds, even thousands of articles each month and have them published all over the Internet. As a beginner you can start to try and produce a couple of hundred articles the first year in your spare time. This is easily achievable and will generate loads of free traffic for you.