Growing Your Pennies

Growing Your PenniesI have a little glass jar that I keep in my dresser. Inside it is my small change from the last couple of days.

It is simple idea, but it can be a powerful saving strategy if you are consistent with it. A concept you can apply online to, but I will get to that in a few seconds.

What I do is to place all the small pocket change in the jar at the end of every day. It will stay in the jar for a while. I usually let it build up to the next time I go to the bank. I just take the jar with me and deposit the contents from the jar into my account. Most banks (not all, but most) will accept this relatively small amount of change as a deposit.

It’s a simple and nearly effortless way to build up your personal savings.

Simply by being consistent and letting all the “small change” add up. I am able to earn a few extra hundred dollars every month.