How to earn money building your website

When I tell people I have online business, the topic on how to make money building my website is usually at the top of the discussions. If this is something you have also been wondering about, here are some ideas on what you can do on your website to earn money online working from home. You will need to build multiple streams of income from your website to make it really successful.

Income stream idea number one: Google Adsense.

Google has developed a system to put up Google Adword ads on non-Google sites. This is called Adsense. Most people have noticed and most likely clicked on Google ads by now. These ads are very powerful because they are very targeted. When somebody clicks on these ads, they are taken to the advertiser’s site. Whenever somebody clicks on one of these ads on my website, I will be paid a commission by Google. This can vary from a few cents to s few dollars, all depending on how much the advertiser is paying for the ad.

Income stream number two: Affiliate programs.

An affiliate business is one of the easiest online businesses to start. Al you have to do is to sign up with a merchant who has an affiliate program and then send visitors to that merchant’s website using a special url that identifies you as the source of the visitor. If the visitor then purchases something on the merchant’s website, you will be paid a commission. Commissions can easily be as high as 75% of the products price.

Income stream number three: Resale rights.

There are many electronic products and software available with resale rights that you can sell from your website. Some are offered free of charge and other you have to purchase. The reason the owner gives you resell rights is because these products contain links which is used for promoting addition products and sites by the owner. The producer or author embeds their name, business and website in the product. Each time somebody buys a resale item, the producer or authors name and website is seen. By giving away resale rights, the producer of the product is essentially getting free advertising. At the same time, you will be getting the right to sell that product on your website making money for you.

Income stream number four: Clickbank.

Clickbank is a form of affiliate program where authors can sell their products and you as an affiliate can earn commission on various products using a single system. Clickbank deals in digital products such as software and eBooks that can be downloaded. Whenever somebody buys a Clickbank product using your ClickBank id, you will receive a commission. Clickbank will then send you a check will all your commissions from the various products added together.

These possible income streams are only the tip of the Iceberg on making money online working from home. The Internet is constantly changing and growing. Look into ways of creating multiple streams of income for yourself by building a website that will reward you for many years to come.