How To Get Free Twitter Followers

So you have twitter account dedicated to your business, brand or blog and you want to get free twitter followers to grow your social media branding?

Then this guide should help you and be a worthwhile read

Growing and building a solid social media presence is now even more important than ever. Not only will it help you get more traffic and give more exposure to your blog, it will also benefit your rankings in Google and other search engines. Getting Likes, Tweets and Plus Ones on our blog posts makes them more trustworthy for search engines and that in turn will boost your rankings in these search engines.

It is important to grow your followers and friends so that you can get as many possible social signals from targeted fans and followers who like and share your blog posts within their own social media networks.

Increase Your Twitter Followers For Free


If you have ever tried using some of the online tools like AddMeFast, Twiends etc to get more followers then you would have noticed that the quality of these followers are not the best. Yes, there would be instances to use these tools, but if you are after quality active followers who will actively engage you and your content with retweets and likes then getting genuine and active to people to follow is very important.

If you use online market places where you buy followers you will most likely end up with a large following of bots that will not at all be active and will have no value to your social media presence. Try and avoid these as you will get no return on your investment.

If you want to attract a targeted audience of real followers then here are some strategies you can try:

1. Join various forums where there might be potential followers.

If the forum is in the same niche or a closely related niche to yours you will be able to find a lot of potential targeted followers. Simply join forum that are in your niche and become active. Reply to other user’s queries and comments and promote your twitter handle in your signature. This way you get really targeted followers.

TIP: You can also make use of Question / Answer sites like Yahoo Answers in a similar manner and solve/answer people while also promoting your twitter handle. It will take a little bit of work as you first have to some questions and give helpful replies before you will be able to include a link in your signature.

2. Share Your Twitter Name

Leverage and make use of your other social media profiles to promote and share your twitter profile link. You will see this also in my Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Page where I share links from one to the other in all of them. Also ask you friends and followers to follow you in Twitter. (So, please follow me on any of these. The support will be greatly appreciated!)

Your Facebook and Google+ profiles can easily be used very effectively to get more targeted free twitter followers. I also normally try and follow people back and one should also be as engaging as possible by responding to comments and interacting with your followers. It is important for your followers to know that you’re also human. It is social media…

3. Put your twitter handle in your email signature

If you have an email list (which is actually a must to build) you can add your twitter profile link in your default email signature. Not only will it help you gain free twitter followers, but it will also give your readers an additional way they can connect and communicate with you.

You can also add it to your personal email and thus expose it to your friends and colleagues which can in turn expose you to some more potential free twitter followers.

4. Create an auto responder with your twitter profile link incorporated

If you have a thank you email for people subscribing to your mailing list or sending a message to you via your contact form, then you use this to help you get more free twitter followers.

Setup an auto responder to your contact email id that you use in your blog’s contact form with thank you message and add your social profile links there. Politely ask them to follow you on twitter and they will love to do so.

Also make a “Thank you” page on your blog for your blog subscribers if you do not already have one. When a reader subscribe to your blog or email list, redirect them on that thank you page once the subscription process is completed. Your social profile links must be the Thank You page. It will work as Call-To-Action for them and surely you’ll see significant improvements in your twitter followers’ count.


I hope my suggestions will help you to increase your twitter followers. You can start by following me on Twitter and I will also follow you back soon. (Please also follow me on Google+ and like my Facebook Page) If you have more to add on this subject then kindly share your thoughts in the comments.