How to Market Yourself With Twitter

A question that has often come up is how you can market yourself with Twitter and how this can help you grow your passive online income as a work at home professional? It does seem easy enough to do, but how can you earn money with this micro blogging social networking tool?

How can the 140 characters Twitter will allow you actually be all you need? Easy! The tools are designed to let people know what you are doing, what you’re interested in at the moment, and what you would like to announce. This tool is for whatever you decide to share with the rest of the world. So, this allows you to even talk about your work at home business or passive online income or make announcements regarding your online ventures.

When people first sign up for Twitter there first question is usually how can I use this? The same is for Internet marketers looking to earn money with twitter, their most common question is, how can I use this? People wanting to use Twitter are often caught off guard by the micro blogging sites simplicity. Usually people then start linking profusely to their website, blog or online business.

Twitter is in many ways the same as other social networking sites, so do not be fooled by its simplicity. You will have to grow a following of useful networks and you yourself will also have to add value to the site. It does require some effort and you cannot just post anything or sit back and do nothing and expect a return from the tool itself.

Below are some ways that an Internet marketer can use Twitter to assist to earn money with Twitter.

The first thing would be to start attracting followers. The fastest way to do this is to go to the “Find people” page and import your email contacts to find people you know who already have Twitter. You can also use Twellow to search for people who has similar interest as you. Start following these people who has the same interests as you. By following people with common interests, you will often find that these people usually reciprocate by following you. This is because you have similar interests and they will be interested in what you are doing. You are bound to find a number of internet marketers to follow who will follow you.

The second thing you should do is to link to your website. Twitter gives users an opportunity to link to one site by providing a place for it in your profile.

Sharing articles is another thing you should do. There are literally hundreds of article syndication sites that will automatically update your status whenever you publish by providing a link directly to the article. This is a great hands free way to get your content read and to brand yourself and your business.

Sharing videos is also a good thing to do. Like article syndication there are video syndication sites that make it easy to share video links with users. Videos can discuss your work at home opportunity or business and are easier quite frankly then to write an article.