Secrets Of Article Marketing Many People Do Not Want To Know.

The secrets of making your article marketing efforts count are hardly esoteric. Everywhere you look you will find very tempting tools claiming that buy this eBook and get super rich or use this and build thousands of links. You will have to read between the lines a bit and filter out all the garbage so that you can spend your limited time on what really works.

Applying a little bit of common sense is all an article marketer needs to do. Many bloggers and website owners know that it is a very time consuming process, so they look for tricks and tools to try and cheat. By doing this they spend their time looking for answers to help them save time.

This is indeed the pattern of to many marketers online. They spend their time and energy to look for the next big thing. The problem is that the next big thing will help them spend, but more often than not it will not help them earn. They look they buy and then they start looking for the next big thing, which of course they will buy again. Few people ever learn that work is what pays the bills.

Some people are actually writing while these info seekers are chasing their tails. Yes some article marketers are really churning them out. Too many writers are trying to be Internet Gorillas without putting in the hard yards, but as it turns out they usually turn out to be marketing monkeys. What can somebody really expect to achieve when they spend all their time looking for the pot of gold at the rainbows end. My pot of gold is my articles.

Before you start looking for some icing on the cake, you should have at least a thousand articles on the Internet enticing followers and visitors to click on your links. You need to set a minimum number of articles you intend to write per day and stick to it. Also have a set number of links you want to get from them. If you have some time left after writing your quota for the day, fine, spend it looking for the next big thing. Personally I would spend it writing more articles and reaching that magic thousand quicker.

The first thing is to know that you must write a swag of articles, it is not negotiable. After that you can start to apply yourself. Set goals of your total work like 100 articles, then 500, then 1000, then 2000 and so on. These will include everything you write, both content for your blog or website and articles for directories.

Initially start of by finding low competition keyword and writing articles based on them until you have good traffic numbers for your site or blog. Make sure that every article has at least 5 to 10 incoming links. The more incoming links, the smaller the chances of competition to you for search engine results.

And if you have not grasped it by now, write often. If you are not writing 10 articles per day, then speed up and hit at least that mark. It is the minimum you need, so try and find the time, or a way. Once you have a thousand, then you can focus on the peripheral things that can also help.

Do not underestimate the significance of writing often as it is the single biggest secret to succeeding online. Put in a little hard work and you will be getting results much faster than you can imagine.