The Things You Should Know About Article Marketing

Whether you are new to article marketing or whether you have a lot of experience already, learning some good article marketing secrets will always help. It will help you maximize the use of article marketing in your strategies to generate traffic. When it is done properly, article marketing can easily become one of the most cost effective ways that you use to market your website or blog, Depending on your time that you have available, you can do this type of marketing without spending a single cent. If you have a way with words and you do not mind spending some of your spare time composing and offering information, then you will find this tool very useful.

The first thing you need to remember is not to forget your links. This likely could be the most important article marketing point to remember and follow. While you work to inform readers in every article that you submit online, do not forget your goal of advertising your website, blog or online business. You do this by including a link to your site or blog in the resource or author box provided by most article directories and sites. Some directories or sites will even allow you to place links inside your content and thus the links will not come across as promotional in nature. This is also a great way to build back links to your site and boost your search engine rankings.

It is usually alright to submit your articles to a number of article directories, sites and blogs. Of course the article must be your own work. The only real risk of doing this is that your content can come across as junk. You must make a point of reading the terms and submission guidelines of the sites and blogs you submit your articles to. Some are very lenient with submissions, but especially the popular and high traffic ones can be strict regarding to originality.

There will come a time when you run out of ideas or in formation on articles to write about. One of the best article marketing secrets that you can consider is re-distribution. You can take articles that were posted on your web pages to article directories. Just make sure you posted the on your site first before submitting them to article directories. That way the search engines will not mark them as duplicate content on your site or blog when it finds it on other directories. This will also help your search engine rankings.

One point that many people tend to overlook when doing article marketing is bookmarking. After the article directory approves your posted article, you want to bookmark your content to make sure it gets indexed. This is a very good way to attract traffic. Another idea is to set up your account in article submission sites such as EzineArticles to automatically cross post your published material to your Twitter profile. It should make the job easier for you.

One more item that can greatly help your article marketing is to get a ghost writer. Writing articles is great if you have time to spare. If you have a lot of other things to do and little time for article marketing, you can get some help from another person who can compose your articles for you. You can hire a ghost writer for this task, but ensure that you check his competency before you hire him. This can come in handy if you are short of time and need to delegate some tasks to others.