How To Fix Samsung S7 Won’t Turn On

Fix Samsung S7 Won’t Turn On Issue

Samsung s7 won’t turn on: Samsung is playing a big role currently in the smart phone arena. They are introducing a lot of the new features in the mobile market. Samsung dealers had come up with the best features attracting the customers in such a way where every one looking at a new smart phone are likely to buy a Samsung. The Samsung s7,  had come up with excellent features and also high-performance electronics to make it easier to compete in the market. This model Samsung is considered as one of the best suitable gadgets for most types of people. When released it had the best functionality and was able to save battery life in the greater way. Recently, the users had come up with the issue galaxy s7 won’t turn on and this was the complaint encountered by various users at the Samsung support centers.

The number of Samsung mobile device users increased rapidly. Various models of mobiles were released with a built in battery and if you encountered any issues, you as the Samsung users had to visit a customer care centers for assistance. Many people had the issues where the phone has a black screen and they are not able to turn the mobile on. Below are some ideas on how you can solve such a kind of issue and fix it with the help of few methods discussed in this tutorial. The following are the few steps for solving and trouble shooting issues for Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. These are similar steps that will initially be followed by every technician at the support centers.

5 Methods For Samsung S7 Won’t Turn On Issue

The following are five simple steps and are normally all you need to solve the issue of Samsung galaxy s7 won’t turn on:

  • Force Boot
  • One has to remove SD Card
  • Charge the device
  • Boot the phone in safe mode.
  • And Boot the device in recovery mode.

Force Boot

This is the first thing you should try and is also the solution that works for most people having the issue of your galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on. This is something you should try before even considering taking your mobile device to a service center. Force reboot is very simple and is needed as removing the battery and placing it back in the same position to restart the phone is not possible. If your Samsung mobile has the option to remove the battery, you can do it in place of a force boot. What you need to do on the Samsung s7 is to press the power key and volume down key at a time for about 10-15 seconds. The phone should then reboot and your issue should be resolved saving you a trip to the service center.

Remove SD Card

Another method to solve the trouble shoot issue say my galaxy s7 won’t turn on is by removing the SD card. Often the SD card can get corrupted or damaged and prevent the phone from booting. So remove the SD card and also the SIM card and try to switch on the phone. If it does not work, try again to force boot the phone to solve the issue of yourgalaxy s7 won’t turn on.

Charge The Device When S7 Won’t Turn On

This is another sometimes easy method for solving galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on. This might be due to the battery being very dead and the device must charge about at least 10-15 minutes. After the initial 10-15 minutes charge, try pressing the power key again until the screen responds. If the device turns on, leave it on charge until full before using it again.

Boot The Device In Safe Mode

The galaxy s7 won’t turn on red light might be due to the several apps which are not safe for the device. In that case, one definitely need to boot the device so that it temporarily disables all the third party apps and preventing anything disrupting the basic functionality. To do this, press the power key and hold it for few seconds until the Samsung s7 appears on the display. Then after release the power key and continue holding the volume down key. Press continuously till the device finishes the process of rebooting.

After completing the reboot process, you will see the safe mode option the bottom left corner of the screen. Try using the device in safe mode a while to see if there are any problems. If there are no issues encountered, then the third party apps are responsible for getting the Samsung won’t turn on issue. Delete all the possible suspicious apps permanently so that one can make sure as the issue does not repeat again.

Boot The Device In Recovery Mode

A person also has the option to to boot the device into recovery mode. This can also be tried if the galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on in the normal way. This is another alternative for solving the issue at the time where the user is unable to boot in safe mode. A simple way is to reboot into recovery mode and then one can wipe the cache partition. To do this follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to press and hold the power key, and volume up altogether for few seconds.
  • When the screen displays the Samsung galaxy s7 logo, release the power key.
  • A few seconds later you will see the Android logo appear on the home screen, now release both the keys and wait for 30-60 seconds.
  • Now, use the volume down key for highlighting the option and select it through power key.
  • It entirely wipes the cache by selecting the wipe cache partition. This will take some time to complete the whole process.

After the completion of this process, the device should be able to boot or to boot into safe mode.

These methods can help you to solve the issues encountered as galaxy s7 won’t turn on red light. If these action do not solve your problem it is most likely hardware related. Unfortunately you will then have to take it to a service center for a technician to have a look.